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Before accepting the parcel, always check that it has not been damaged in transit.

After acknowledging receipt of the package, there is a possibility  opening the parcel in the presence of the courier – in the event of non-compliance, a discrepancy / damage report is prepared, which is the basis for a subsequent complaint.

If the purchased goods turn out to have manufacturing defects or are not as described, please  for proceeding in accordance with the following complaint procedure:

  1. Send us the product you want to advertise by joining  a return form for it, in which you will describe the detailed reasons for the complaint of the product, the form of compensation, as well as the return address and account number to which the refund will be made (depending on the decision made by the store).
  2. IN  within 14 days  after receiving the parcel, we will inform you by e-mail or telephone about the result of the complaint procedure.
  3. If the complaint is considered positively, w  within 7 days  working days from the date of the decision, we will compensate the costs incurred by you by: repairing the advertised product, sending a new copy of the product or refund.
  4. If the complaint is considered unjustified, we will provide you with a detailed justification of the decision made and  within 14 days  work, we will send the product back at our expense.

If in doubt, please contact us at the following e-mail address: [email protected] . We will provide you with tips on how to quickly and easily carry out a complaint.

Returning products

In accordance with the applicable regulations, within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery of the ordered goods, you have the right to return them without giving any reasons as part of withdrawal from the contract, according to the general rules resulting from the provisions on concluding distance contracts.

The returned product cannot bear traces of use – each element must be complete and factory-packed, the goods delivered in the original packaging unchanged.  If this condition is not met, the product will not be accepted. If you want to return a product:

  1. Send back the purchased product in undamaged condition and in the original packaging with all its contents.
  2. Attach to the package a written statement in which you will be willing to return the product, as well as the account number to which the refund will be sent.
  3. IN  within 14 days  from the receipt of your parcel, we will check the condition of the delivered product (whether it has any signs of use, whether it has been damaged or destroyed, or is in the original packaging with all its contents).
  4. If we do not notice any contraindications, we will send a message to your e-mail address that the return of the product has been approved. To the attached account number within  14 days will stay  refund made.
Return form:

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