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Do you need specialized medical apparel for medical practices?

Studying medicine involves a medical internship at a major or minor medical facility.
You can take them at a large provincial hospital, a smaller clinic or even abroad.

October involves preparing to start or continue medical studies, as well as assembling the necessary equipment, including medical clothing.

Do you need special clothing for medical practices?

Comfortable medical clothing will guarantee that you will go through your medical practice in comfort and good mood.
You will be putting on these clothes often, so make sure the material is breathable and durable, and make sure you have at least two sets of medical clothing to change into.

When choosing your set of medical scrubs, make sure they contain a touch of synthetic material so that the colors will last longer even if you have to wash them every day.

Before you buy your first set of medical clothing, check your university’s regulations to see if there are any specified authorized colors.

Sometimes universities require all students to wear medical clothing of the same colors.

How to choose the perfect blouse for medical practice?

When choosing a medical blouse for medical practice, be guided primarily by your comfort.

Remember that you will be wearing it very often, so it is necessary to choose the right size, so that the medical blouse does not restrain movement and does not interfere with work.

Choose the cut that suits you best. If you like longer sleeves – we recommend you our women’s envelope tunics from the premium collection.

If you opt for classic short-sleeve scrubs – choose from more than a dozen colors and two collections – Premium and Basic.

Our medical blouses are equipped with 2 convenient pockets to hold all the small items you need during your medical practice.

Thanks to the tabs in the bust, Med & Beauty medical blouses perfectly fit any figure.

However, remember to choose the right size.

Medical clothing must be neither too loose nor too tight, so that it does not restrict your movements or cause irritation to your body.

When choosing the size of Med & Beauty medical clothing, follow the size chart available on the product sheet.

Don’t worry if after receiving the package you find that the size is not right.

In our store you have up to 100 days to return unused clothing, plus you can use the PayPo option, which allows you to pay for your order after 30 days.

How to choose the perfect medical pants for medical practices?

The work of any medical student is a job in constant motion, so the right medical pants are the basis for doing it comfortably.

Opt for pants with a minimum of two pockets and a drawstring waistband for 100% comfort in any situation.

At Med & Beauty, you can choose from classic straight medical pants in both Basic and Premium collections, as well as our bestselling medical joggers with up to six roomy pockets.

In addition to our two flagship models, in the Premium collection you will also find medical cling pants, which resemble leggings in their functionality.

Just like when choosing a medical blouse – be sure to get the size of your medical pants right.

Carefully check your measurements and compare them with our size chart.
If you like looser pants – add about 1-2 cm to the measurements.

Medical dresses for medical practices

If you like to wear dresses on a daily basis, we go out of our way to offer medical dresses that are great for medical practices.

Thanks to the nape at the neckline, you don’t have to worry about the comfort and convenience of your work, and the large, roomy pockets will allow you to take all the small items you need with you.

With stylish cuts and more than a dozen colors to choose from, you’ll feel great about doing your job while practicing medicine.

Most models of our medical dresses have a waist belt, so they beautifully accentuate any figure.

Med & Beauty offers medical dresses in both Basic and Premium collections.

The most popular colors of medical clothing for medical practices

Male and female students usually rely on muted, classic colors as their first scrubs for medical practice.

In the TOP 5 in our store are:

White medical clothing

Black medical clothing

Navy blue medical clothing

Baby Shark medical apparel

Medical garments in Crystal Blue and Bottle Green

And which of the cuts and colors of medical clothing will you choose for your medical practice?

If you are a male or female student be sure to check out our student program. By creating an account in our store and verifying your student status, you can receive up to 15% permanent discount on Med & Beauty medical apparel.

Will you benefit?

Click on the Students tab on the home page and read the rules.



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