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Good quality medical clothing – how to know it?

When carrying out your duties in the workplace, comfort is your ticket to productivity and operating at full capacity. Nothing will provide you with complete comfort like good quality medical clothing – the question is, how to recognize it?

Our guide to quality medical uniforms is a hit with anyone who wants to know what to look for when buying new medical clothes.

Opt for robust medical clothing material

At Med & Beauty, we are particularly concerned about the quality of the fabric from which our products are sewn. Knowing that comfort is key, we rely on breathable, non-shedding and soft, yet durable and damage-resistant fiber blends.Each of our sets will provide you with maximum wearing comfort!

The BASIC collection combines 63% polyester, 29% viscose and 8% lycra. Polyester – the main component of the blend, is resistant to all kinds of creases. Properly hung up after washing, polyester medical clothes do not require ironing. In addition, it’s a highly resilient material, resistant to most stains and sunlight – so it rarely fades. Even a small admixture of polyester enhances the strength of natural fibers. Let’s not forget that polyester also does not absorb moisture, but wicks it away. What’s more, it’s an easily dyed fabric – if you just care to change the color of a polyester garment, you’ll do it without much trouble!

On the other hand, the PREMIUM collection centers around cotton – with a blend of nylon and lycra. The cotton fabric is ultra-soft, extremely efficient and particularly durable. In addition, it breathes and absorbs moisture perfectly – cotton is a quality in itself that will serve you for years! What’s more, it is non-sensitizing, making it ideal for allergy sufferers, as well as extremely resistant to stretching, so we don’t have to worry about it distorting.

From good quality not far from comfort

Quality medical apparel goes hand in hand with comfort. A comfortable medical uniform will allow you to focus on your work and fully perform your daily duties. It is not a well-known fact that satisfied staff will also take much better care of the customer’s comfort!

Med & Beauty is the definition of extremely comfortable medical clothing. Our customers love the airy, stretchy fabrics and well-thought-out cuts that fit the figure perfectly. We focus on the perfect cut, that is, cuts that do not restrict movement, but will allow you to feel maximum comfort of use.

We want every woman to feel comfortable during long working hours. Therefore, we offer a wide range of sizes and cuts. Both collections offer products in sizes from XXS to 4XL. Perfectly fitting medical garments will help you avoid flare-ups and abrasions during your work.

Although our fantastically tailored medical clothing is a guarantee of physical comfort, we give just as much importance to the mental comfort that a well-fitted and elegant medical uniform can provide you. Our mission is also your daily job satisfaction – that’s why, we design medical clothes using elegant, tasteful, yet comfortable cuts.

Best quality and practical solutions

A functional medical uniform is a staple in the medical and beauty industry. It will allow you to perform your daily duties without unnecessary organics!

The basis of functionality is pockets – both their number, size and placement. At most Polish medical apparel manufacturers you will find medical blouses with one or medical joggers with two pockets. At Med & Beauty, we focus on maximum comfort, judiciously selecting the number of pockets for medical clothing. Our medical joggers feature 6 pockets each – two front pockets, two back pockets and two side cargo pockets. The medical straight pants have 4 pockets: two in the front and two in the back. Meanwhile, medical scrubs blouse models are offered in two-pocket and single-pocket versions. We believe that practical solutions mean satisfaction not only for us, but also for your customers!

A good arrangement of pockets in your medical uniform will allow you to conveniently store the most important items necessary for your work. Therefore, in order to maintain the highest quality of our products, we strive to precisely position each pocket so that it helps you in your daily chores!

We know how important the right pocket size is in the medical industry , and we take this into account when designing the design of our medical garments. In both the BASIC and PREMIUM collections, we rely on capacious pockets to accommodate all the small items needed at work.

What’s more, our medical joggers have welts at the legs so they don’t pull up. When necessary, you can shorten them a bit yourself by pulling them up on warmer days. A wide elastic waistband allows the pants to fit perfectly. On the other hand, their elevated top provides freedom of movement and a guarantee that your medical joggers will stay in place while squatting and standing up.

Med & Beautymedical dresses, available in the PREMIUM collection, are functional yet extremely elegant. In addition to two spacious pockets to hold all your small items, the dresses also have a tension at the neckline for freedom of movement and comfort. With a wide waist belt, you can adjust the dress to fit any figure. What’s more, the short sleeves with a perfectly tailored length are a guarantee that your arms will be protected.

Reliable durability of medical clothing

Working in the medical field requires contact with various chemicals, so the quality ofmedical clothing should be adapted to this. Materials of the best quality are not “afraid” of dirt – despite repeated washing, they remain durable for a long time.

The blend of fibers in Med & Beauty’s medical uniforms is distinguished by its extreme durability – you can wash your scrubs many times, while getting rid of microorganisms and keeping the fabric soft and vibrant in color.

The durability of medical clothing is also evidenced by well-made stitching, on which the lifespan of your uniform depends. Try Med & Beauty’s medical garments and find that our hard-to-loosen stitches are particularly resistant to daily wear and tear.

Good quality in response to market needs and customer expectations

Good quality medical apparel must regularly adapt to the changing requirements and trends of the medical industry. Modern materials used in the production of medical garments must be breathable, lightweight, stain and dirt resistant, and easy to iron.AtMed & Beauty, we love innovative fabric blends that are increasingly able to cope with the tough conditions and problems of the industry.

Until recently, medical garments contained only cotton, which – despite its many advantages – strongly absorbs moisture, creases easily and is often stiff and uncomfortable and relatively difficult to care for.Todaywe meet all the problems associated with cotton by using blends of materials in the right proportions – high quality products guaranteed!

In addition to cotton, cool white, which once reigned supreme in clinics and hospitals, is also past its glory years. Medical personnel now have more and more colors to choose from. This season’s “on trend” colors are the vivid colors of spring – from purples and greens, to reds and pinks. That’s why Med & Beauty offers medical uniforms in colors such as slightly dim pink or deep purple. For fans of subdued color schemes, we have olive, coffee with milk or classic black and white.

At Med & Beauty, we are well aware that a wide selection is the definition of good quality. The best quality medical uniforms are distinguished by a wide range of models and colors, allowing you to match your clothing to the prevailing workplace dress code. That’s why we strive to stay abreast of news from the world of medical apparel and constantly update our product line.

Keeping up with fashion trends, Med & Beauty also offers customizable products that will emphasize your brand’s professionalism and increase trust among your patients. A personalized medical uniform is a guarantee of a good first impression and the creation of a fantastic customer relationship. Personalization will also make each employee feel like an important part of the team! Send us the text or logo you want to put on your medical garment, and we will design your uniform according to that!

We want to provide our customers with an excellent experience with medical apparel. Share your opinion on Med & Beauty products with us – every comment from our customers is worth its weight in gold! It is thanks to you that we can improve our product range so that it perfectly meets the rapidly changing requirements of the industry.

Remember that good quality medical clothing is made up of many factors – from well-chosen materials, functionality in use or adaptation to new trends, to durability and guarantee of comfort. But don’t forget that all this must go hand in hand with systematic and proper care of your medical uniforms so you can enjoy them for years to come!



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