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Ideal medical uniform for female and male physiotherapists

Most of our clients and customers are medical professionals, including physical therapists and physiotherapists! We are well aware of the importance of getting medical clothing right when working in this profession. Working in physiotherapy requires comfortable clothes that do not restrict movement or mobility. Physiotherapists perform treatments such as kinesitherapy, soft tissue therapy and manual therapy during their patients’ visits. All of the above require freedom of movement.

Med&Beauty’s medical garments are designed to allow our clients and customers maximum comfort and convenience at work.

The cut of medical clothing

As we have already mentioned, the work of a physiotherapist requires freedom of movement. Any physiotherapist or physiotherapist will certainly agree with us that clothes that restrict mobility, are too tight or too loose and cause discomfort – will be put away at the bottom of the closet. In the course of their work, physiotherapists perform a great deal of movement and help their patients gain better mobility. A blouse that rises as you lift your arms up, or pants that do not allow you to bend or squat freely – will not pass the test.

The medical blouse for physiotherapists and physiotherapists should have a cut that fits the figure perfectly – it should not be too tight or too loose. The best solution is slightly waisted blouses, in a well-fitted size. Medical blouses offered in Med&Beauty have been sewn so that they do not restrict movement and are not too tight – this prevents chafing and chafing, even during long days at work. The sleeves in our medical blouses are slightly extended – reaching almost to the elbow, providing protection for the shoulders and maximum comfort and convenience.

Medical pants for physiotherapists and physical therapists must provide maximum comfort during all movements. They should have a slightly elevated state so that they do not lower when squatting or bending down. A great solution is our medical joggers, which have a drawstring at the bottom of the legs – so they do not pull up, and if necessary (for example, on warmer days), you can pull them up to the knee yourself and shorten them slightly. A big plus of Med&Beauty’s medical joggers are the pockets, which allow you to accommodate all the little things you need at work and want to keep on hand.

Material of medical clothing

Medical clothing for physiotherapists and physical therapists should be sewn from a specially selected blend of fibers. It must be both breathable and non-transparent, soft and durable, resistant to damage and extremely comfortable to wear. Our BASIC collection mainly uses a combination of 63% polyester, 29% viscose and 8% lycra, while the PREMIUM collection uses 80% cotton with a blend of nylon and lycra. The materials in Med&Beauty’s medical garments will meet the expectations of even the most demanding physiotherapists and physical therapists. Our materials do not crumple and are durable – they serve our customers for years!

Convenience and functionality

In order to perform their work without problems or restrictions, physiotherapists need functional solutions in the medical clothing they wear. Our mission is to make clothes that will not restrict movement and will support our customers in their duties. The work of a physiotherapist or physiotherapist is work in constant motion. Making yourself comfortable and convenient is a priority!

We design our medical garments with all people working in the medical and beauty industry in mind, so we take into account all suggestions sent by our customers. We improve our projects through the feedback we receive. Thanks to honest feedback from customers and clients, we create medical clothes that provide maximum comfort in their work.

Thanks to the suggestions we receive, we are changing the composition of our medical garments, adjusting the cuts, adding pockets and any improvements needed by the people who use our clothing.

We want all the people wearing our medical clothes to feel comfortable and beautiful doing their job!

We use functional solutions such as pockets, welts at the waist or at the legs of medical pants, waisted cuts or belts.

The most important value of our medical clothes is their comfort, top quality workmanship, plus beautiful and unique colors. What more could you want?

Fitting medical clothing

Well-fitting medical clothing is a must. Medical clothes must be neither too loose nor too tight. If they are too loose, they distort the silhouette and shift unpleasantly while working. Too tight – they restrict movement and cause discomfort and chafing.

In the work of a physiotherapist, this is an extremely important aspect – doing a lot of movement requires comfortable medical clothing.

Always check the size you choose with the size chart available on our website. It will help you get the perfect size for you and enjoy the most comfortable medical clothing in your closet.

We recommend that you always measure yourself and look at the chart before ordering your next item/set. If you have doubts – write us an email, send us a message on the website, get back to us on FB/IG or give us a call! We are happy to help!

Color of medical clothing

Aesthetic qualities are as important as the functionality of medical clothing. If you feel good and stylish in the clothes you wear – your patients will notice it!

In our offer you will find various colors of medical uniforms – classic ones such as black, white and navy blue, but also various colors – pink, blue, bottle green, mint and masses of others!

The vision of a medic in a white uniform is long gone – we are very happy that all medical professionals can now warm up their image with colorful medical clothing.

Colors in physiotherapy clothing will reduce the distance between the physiotherapist or physiotherapist and the patient.

Our clients who work as pediatric physiotherapists emphasize that children love their colorful medical uniforms!

Choose a set of medical blouse + medical pants in the same color or freely mix them together – all tricks allowed!

Personalization of medical clothing

At the request of our customers, we allow personalization of medical clothing. You can add embroidery with your name or your practice’s logo on it.

Our customers use this option very often. It allows you to emphasize your professionalism and prevents your uniform from being mistaken for that of a colleague/workmate!

Physiotherapists and physiotherapists often work in various facilities or offer home visits. With embroidery, your medical apparel will never get lost, and even if it does – it will surely come back to you!

We would also add that the decorative embroidery adds to the charm of our medical blouses!

Your patients will certainly notice this small but important detail.

Medical clothing set for physiotherapists and physiotherapists

Wondering which Med&Beauty medical apparel set to choose when you work as a physiotherapist or physical therapist?

Our BASIC collection offers a variety of comfort solutions that are both stylish and provide maximum convenience.

For anyone working as a physiotherapist, we recommend the combination of our medical joggers and medical blouse. For all female physiotherapists, we have also prepared STRAIGHT medical pants – without welts at the bottom of the legs. If you like elegant solutions – these are made for you!

Our medical joggers are both comfortable and chic. They have as many as six practical pockets where you can take all the things you want to have on hand. Slightly elevated top guarantees freedom of movement in any situation – you don’t have to worry about crouching pants dropping down. Thanks to the drawstring waist, the pants fit any figure and do not cause discomfort. The drawstrings at the legs make them comfortable to wear and allow the pants to be rolled up to the knees on warmer days.

STRAIGHT women’s medical pants are the solution for all physiotherapists who prefer a slightly more elegant style. Straight legs add a chic touch, and the form of the pants optically shapes the silhouette. They are made of identical material to our medical joggers – so they are just as comfortable and provide freedom of movement.

All Med&Beauty medical blouses are sewn after consultation with our clients and customers. We respond to your needs, so the women’s version of the BASIC collection blouse has two front pockets, and the men’s version has two side zippered pockets. The cut of our medical blouses provides the highest comfort – they are slightly tight, but do not hug the body. The sleeves go all the way up to the elbow, so they provide protection for the arms and do not float when the hands are raised.

We made the BASIC collection for all those working in the medical and beauty industry who want to ensure maximum comfort and a stylish, professional look.

It is made of the highest quality materials, with attention to the smallest details.

Our customers confirm that the materials we use to make our medical garments are durable and resistant to damage. They do not crease, do not dye and are breathable, even in high temperatures.

Physiotherapists and physiotherapists emphasize that Med&Beauty medical clothes make them feel comfortable and professional at work.

The combination of fibers they are made of (viscose, polyester and elastane) guarantees softness and elasticity, so you don’t have to worry about the material blocking it during many movements.

We bet on quality, we bet on comfort, we bet on great looks!

Also check out our PREMIUM collection – maybe you’ll find something for you there?



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