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Meet the men’s Med & Beauty medical apparel collection

Meet the men’s Med & Beauty medical apparel collection

Since the inception of the Med & Beauty brand, we have tried to respond to all your needs and suggestions.
Our brand has so far specialized mainly in women’s medical apparel for the medical and beauty industry, but the time has come to expand our product line!

To meet the expectations of our customers – we have created a men’s collection of medical scrubs in the Basic collection.

In addition, we have added a men’s medical gown to the premium collection, which our customers have also requested.

Read the article to learn more about the men’s Med & Beauty closet.

Functionality of men’s medical clothing

Convenience and comfort are the basic and most important values that guide us in creating medical scrubs in both the women’s and men’s collections.

We are well aware of the needs of men working in the medical and beauty industries, which is why our men’s medical uniforms were thoroughly tested and refined before they went on sale.

The work of a medic or cosmetologist requires full concentration on the job, and the medical uniforms worn must not interfere with the work.

The cuts of our men’s Basic medical scrubs have been sewn so that they do not restrict movement and provide full freedom. Your comfort is most important to us!

The basic functionality of men’s medical clothing:

  • The material, which is flexible, breathable and allows a full range of motion;
  • Capacious convenient pockets that hold all the small items needed at work;
  • Wide, comfortable elastic at the waist of the pants;
  • Slightly elevated top of the pants, which prevents them from slipping;
  • Gently waisted cut of medical blouses, which perfectly fits any male figure.

Men’s Medical Scrubs Basic Blouses

Men’s medical scrubs Basic blouses are made from a material that has been loved by our customers who wear the women’s Med & Beauty Basic collection for years.

The combination of polyester, viscose and lycra ensures that the material is breathable and soft, while remaining durable against the elements.

Men’s scrubs Basic medical blouses have been equipped with as many as 3 pockets – two on the hip line and one on the chest.

The cut of Med & Beauty men’s medical blouses is gently waisted, making them fit perfectly on any male figure.
The sleeves are wide enough not to hug the biceps and allow you to move and raise your arms freely without the blouse pulling up.
The classic heart neckline looks elegant, plus it won’t cause chafing in the neck area during long hours of work.

Med & Beauty men’s medical blouses are currently available in four colors – black, navy blue and bottle green – and in five sizes.

We also allow personalization of men’s medical blouses in the form of embroidery.

Click HERE to see men’s medical clothing in our store.

Men’s medical pants – joggers Basic

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Joggers are our absolute bestseller, both in the men’s and women’s collections.

The men’s medical jogger pants were sewn from the same material as the men’s medical blouses and men’s medical straight pants – 63% polyester, 29% viscose and 8% lycra.
Med & Beauty’s medical joggers are a competitive solution in the medical apparel market due to their attention to detail, large number of pockets, and material that is both soft and comfortable and very durable.

We have included as many as 6 pockets in the joggers:

  • Two side cargo on the right leg, where we also added a separate pen compartment;
  • Two rear practical pockets, which not only fulfill their function of storing small items, but also perfectly accentuate the male figure
  • Two side ones, from which items do not fall out thanks to added darts.

Men’s Basic medical joggers, thanks to the drawstrings at the legs, do not pull up, even when squatting and bending, which is a huge plus.

Currently, men’s medical joggers are available in four colors – black, navy blue, bottle green five sizes and two height ranges.

Click HERE to see the men’s medical joggers in our store!

Men’s medical straight pants – Basic

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Men’s straight medical pants from the Basic collection are slightly different from the straight medical pants in the women’s version.

In the men’s variant, we added additional cargo pockets, which are not present in the women’s straight medical pants. This change is in response to requests and needs of our customers.

In total, the men’s STRAIGHT Basic medical pants thus have 6 pockets, just like joggers, but they differ from them in the leg, which in this model is classically straight-legged.

Just like the men’s medical blouse and men’ s joogers, the men’s STRAIGHT pants have been sewn from a blend of polyester, viscose and lycra to guarantee durability and 100 percent comfort.


  • Two front;
  • Two back;
  • Two side cargoes on the right leg.

Currently available colors:

  • Black;
  • Navy blue;
  • Bottle green;

Click HERE and see it in store!

Men’s Premium Medical Apron

men's medical apron, men's medical pants, men's medical clothing, men's medical attiremen's medical blouses, men's medical attire

The long-awaited men’s medical apron is a response to requests from our customers who lacked a classic medical apron of good quality in their closet.

We sewed it from 80% high-quality cotton with a blend of nylon and lycra, making the apron comfortable and flexible, as well as breathable and durable.

In the men’s medical apron you will find up to three capacious pockets:

  • Two front pockets on the hip line;
  • One chest pocket.

When preparing the design of the men’s medical apron, we wanted it to be elegant and classic, so we included a collar that is reminiscent of timeless men’s jackets.

The long sleeves of the apron protect the forearms, but thanks to the admixture of Lycra – they do not restrain movement.

The apron is the perfect length – it reaches just below the hip line, so it is neither too short nor too long.

Currently, the men’s medical apron is available in one color – classic white.

Click HERE to see the men’s medical apron in our store.

Men’s medical apparel – how to choose men’s size?

For good sizing of men’s medical clothing, use the size chart that is available in our store on each product card.

When measuring yourself, keep in mind that medical garments should not be tight-fitting so as not to restrict your movements while working. Always try to add 1-2 cm to your measurements – this will help you choose the perfect size for you.

When choosing the size of medical clothing, also keep in mind your individual preferences.
If you prefer looser clothes – choose a size larger than the size in the table corresponding to your measurements.

If you don’t know how to choose men’s medical clothing for yourself, please write us a DM on Instagram or Facebook, send an email to: or call us at:
+48 61 678 12 49

We also invite you to visit our stationary store in Poznan at 32/38 (entrance from Kraszewskiego Street).



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