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PayPo payment – how does it work?

Did you know that at Med & Beauty you can take advantage of deferred payments using PayPo?
We often get inquiries from you about how exactly PayPo works, how to use it and what to do in case of a possible return.

We have prepared this article so that it will always be here waiting for you if you have doubts or encounter problems in making a purchase using PayPo.

What are deferred payments?

Deferred payments are, in the simplest terms, payment methods for online purchases in the form of: buy now, pay later. With PayPo or Twisto (both of which are available in our store), you can make a purchase today and pay only in 30 days or spread the payment over installments.

Deferred payments work great, for example, in situations where a product is limited and you absolutely want it, but currently have no way to pay for it. It’s also a great way to familiarize yourself with a product before making a final purchase decision, without having to freeze your funds.

The PayPo form of payment
is becoming increasingly popular among consumers both in Poland and abroad, as it provides an opportunity to make a purchase regardless of the funds currently in your account.

How does PayPo work?

The PayPo payment method allows you to shop online without immediately paying for your purchase.
After completing your shopping cart, you choose PayPo as your payment method, register on the PayPo platform with some basic personal information, PayPo pays the order for you, and you pay it off within 30 days or spread the payment into installments.

If, after receiving your order, you want to decide to leave yourself some of the products from your shopping cart – you send back the returns, and pay only for the products you want to keep.

Importantly – the option to split payment into installments is active for users registered with PayPo already after paying off the first order within 30 days.
This means that when you place your first order and pay with PayPo, you do not yet have the option of installment payments. This service activates after the first order paid off within 30 days.

Another important thing when using deferred payments is the purchase limit, which increases with subsequent orders paid with PayPo.

For your first purchases, the limit you can get is between 300 and 800 zlotys (the limit is allocated to each customer individually depending on the assessment of his financial capacity). At present, the largest available limit is 3,000 zloty per user. Remember that this is a multilimit – it applies to all monthly purchases through PayPo.

Is the PayPo payment method secure?

Deferred payments via PayPo are 100 percent secure.

You use an SMS code to verify and confirm your order, which you will receive on the phone number provided in the process.

Your personal data is processed by PayPo only for the purpose of verifying and finalizing the transaction, and all operations are carried out through secure and encrypted servers.

Is the PayPo payment method free?

Yes! If you pay off the transaction in full within 30 days – buying through PayPo is completely free.

If you opt for installment repayment, the amount is increased by the commission and interest rate.

For details, visit PayPo‘s website.

How do I make a purchase through PayPo at Med & Beauty?

Placing an order with PayPo payment at Med & Beauty is very easy!
Let’s go through all the steps together from placing an order to finalizing the transaction.


Add all the products you want to buy to your shopping cart, then go to checkout and complete all the details or log in to your account.


From the payment methods, select the option: Pay later with PayPo, and then click the button: Buy and pay.


If you have selected the delivery method by InPost parcel machine, the screen will display a list of parcel machines – choose the right one for you.


You will then be redirected to the PayU website, where you need to click the green button: Pay with PayPo.


The site will then redirect you to finalize the process. Enter your phone number, to which you will receive a verification code, and accept the necessary statements.


Confirm your phone number and follow further instructions on the PayPo website, and in just a few moments your order will be paid.


Pick up your package, try on and look at the items you ordered and decide which ones you want to leave and which ones you want to return.

Pack the products you want to send back in the cardboard envelope in which we delivered your order and send it back to us, and pay for the remaining products within 30 days or use the option of installment payment.

When should I pay for my purchases using PayPo?

The PayPo payment method allows you to pay for products within 30 days of placing an order.

When using PayPo for the first time, you do not have the option to pay in installments, but after paying off the first order within 30 days – this option is automatically activated.

You can spread the installments over as many as 4 months.

How do I make a return when using PayPo?

In our store, returns are possible for 100 days after the purchase (excluding personalized products – these are non-refundable), but if you made an order using the PayPo payment method and have already paid off your obligation to PayPo – you can make a return up to 30 days after the transaction is finalized.

Remember also that the funds are returned by PayPo, so the process may be prolonged.

In the event of a return (after paying off your obligations to PayPo), our online store must return the funds to PayPo, and PayPo returns the funds to you.

Please shop thoughtfully and send back the clothes in the cardboard envelopes in which they are delivered.

We reserve the right to refuse returns if the products arrive in a different condition than they were shipped.

You can read more about returns at Med & Beauty HERE.

If you have additional questions – email us at



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