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Principles of medical clothing care

Principles of medical clothing care

If you work in the medical field, you know the importance of proper attire. Your medical uniforms must always be in impeccable condition to provide you with adequate protection at work. Check out how you can take care of your medical apparel to make it last for months or even years!

Read on to learn about the proper care of medical uniforms and medical outfits.

Medical blouse ocean blue SCRUBS by MED&BEAUTY medical clothes

Care of medical clothing – why is it so important?

Properly selected medical clothing ismore than just work clothes. If you’ve already looked around our medical apparel store, you know that at Med&Beauty we focus on color, stylish styles, comfort and fun!

Medical uniforms are part of the image of the person who wears them. If you run a business and have a medical practice, you probably pay a lot of attention to your corporate identity. Medical apparel can be a great way to complement your company’s image. Each staff person should take care of the cleanliness and pristine appearance of the clothes in which they receive patients.

Once you wear Med&Beauty medical clothing, you’re likely to come back to our store for more 🙂 No wonder – manufactured by us
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i Premium medical clothes are made of the best quality materials and satisfy even the most demanding wearers! It is very important that the medical clothing in which medical representatives work serve them for months and even years. Therefore, it should be sewn from the best quality materials that are not intimidated by repeated washing.

Medical short-sleeved envelope dress from PREMIUM medical clothing collection

How to wash medical clothing?

Proper washing of medical clothing is very important. The type of detergents used and the temperature of the wash affect the life of the fabrics and their comfort and appearance. And we want you to enjoy your favorite medical uniforms for as long as possible!

Med&Beauty medical garments are recommended to be machine washed at up to 40°C. Empty all pockets thoroughly before washing. Turn the clothes inside out to avoid fading and damaging the fabric. Make sure there is nothing left in the drum of the washing machine after the previous wash. It is very important that there are no objects in the washing machine that can snag the fabric and damage it.

Remember to fill the drum of the washing machine with dry clothes to about. ¾ of the volume so that the laundry can move freely. This is important, because only then will the laundry detergents be able to reach every spot of the garment. Proper loading of the washing machine is also important in the rinsing process and ensures that clothes are properly cleaned of all detergents.

Before first use, you can wash the medical costumes in the washing machine in cold water with ½ cup of vinegar to fix the color and prevent fading. This extra precaution makes sense especially with medical garments, as they are exposed to frequent washing and contact with disinfectants.

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Stains on medical clothing – what to do?

If you work in the medical field, you are probably familiar with the dirtiness of clothing that comes with the job. Doctors, nurses, medics, dentists and students are exposed to human tissues, drugs and various chemicals that can leave stains.

Should you panic if your medical clothes get stained? Definitely not! In a moment, we will tell you how to handle the care of a medical uniform when dirt happens.

The most important rule you must follow when removing stains is to use cold water. Hot water fixes many dyes. Eradicating stains that have permanently settled on our clothing will be much more difficult. Therefore, fresh dirt is always washed in cold water. You can rub the soiling with soap and wash by hand before putting the medical garment in the washing machine.

It is best to remove stains as soon as possible, even before they have time to dry on the material. If possible, change into different clothes at work and immediately blot the dirt with cold soapy water.

Do not use bleach if you want to enjoy the original color of your medical uniform for a long time.

To maximize the protection of medical scrubs and medical uniforms from contamination, change your clothes at or just before work. Also see to it that you change outfits and clothes before meals, as food stains are often very difficult to remove.

Provide your wife with enough sets of medical clothing to always have a clean and fresh uniform to change into. Then you will be able to deal with possible dirt and its safe removal in a calm and unhurried manner.

Medical pants women's joggers SCRUBS in chocolate color from the BASIC collection of MED&BEAUTY medical clothing company.

Disinfection of medical clothing

Working in the medical profession is demanding on many levels. Daily life in this industry involves contact with patients, biological material and various chemicals. Protective clothing is therefore particularly important here.

If you work in a clinic or hospital, your medical uniforms may need to be disinfected.

Nowadays, there is no need to boil clothes or wash them at very high temperatures and tedious ironing. To clean medical garments of possible microorganisms, modern disinfectants are used.

If you want additional protection against the spread of germs, you can wash your medical clothing separately from the rest of your closet. It is not necessary. Any harmful microorganisms are removed when washing with the appropriate powder or sanitizer.

Choose products offered for disinfecting clothes that work at 40 degrees. Then you will keep the beautiful material of the medical uniform for a long time and vibrant color while getting rid of microorganisms.

There are ready-made mixtures of washing powder with disinfectant available on the market. You can use them or reach for your favorite laundry detergent and add a separate disinfecting powder to it. Carefully read the dosage instructions for disinfectant powder and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Typically, the disinfectant is poured along with the detergent into the powder drawer each time before washing.

If you prefer to use liquid detergents, you can also find sanitizers in this form on the market. Some of them remove all unwanted bacteria and microorganisms at as low as 40°C.

Nowadays, manufacturers of detergents and disinfectants come out strongly for users. If you care about eco-friendliness, you can wash your scrubs in powders that not only remove impurities at low temperatures, but are hypoallergenic. You can use products that have not been tested on animals and are designed to minimize harm to the environment.

Medical clothing MED&BEAUTY medical clothes medical clothes

How to dry medical clothing?

We do not recommend tumble drying our medical uniforms. After washing, hang up your scrubs on a hanger or stand dryer. The addition of synthetic fibers in the composition makes Med&Beauty medical garments dry relatively quickly and in a few hours after washing they are ready to be used again.

If you hang the medical uniforms to dry outside, they will dry very quickly under the influence of the wind, plus they will become pleasantly soft. However, remember not to expose them to harsh sunlight or turn them inside out to avoid fabric fading.

Pay special attention to medical clothes in dark colors, including black. Always dry them turned inside out, because even sunlight that comes through the windows into the room where the dryer stands can cause the color to fade.

Women's medical straight pants SCRUBS in Subtle Sage color. Pants from BASIC MED&BEAUTY collection medical clothes

How to iron medical uniforms?

If you want to make your comfortable medical clothes for daily work look pristine and professional, you reach for an iron. Ironing softens the fabric, gets rid of creases and gives it an elegant look.

When ironing light-colored fabrics, pay special attention to the cleanliness of the underside of the iron. Even minor dirt can leave unsightly marks on the fabric. While it won’t be noticeable on dark clothes, you need to take special care of light ones.

Iron medical clothes at a maximum of 150 degrees Celsius while they are still slightly damp. Before you reach for the iron, make sure the garment is turned inside out. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to see to it, at least remember the embroidery – always iron it from underneath to avoid damaging it.

Elegantly ironed medical clothes make staff look professional. In smooth, fresh medical uniforms you will inspire confidence in patients. Clothing expresses and emphasizes the importance of your position, so it is worth giving it due attention.

You’ll feel confident and comfortable in a sleek, smooth apron or stylish medical dress. Remember that our fabrics are soft and user-friendly, so even if they are well-pressed, you will feel comfortable and comfortable in them.

Women's medical blouse SCRUBS in the color ENGLISH ROSE BASIC collection medical clothing medandbeauty

Storage – women’s medical clothing

How to store medical uniforms? You can fold the clean medical clothing and place it on a shelf to wait its turn there. To avoid creases, it is best to hang up aprons, tunics and dresses on hangers.

Perhaps you change out of your work clothes at work and leave them there to wait for you the next day? In this case, it is best to have a closet where you can hang your medical clothes on a rack. If you don’t have access to such a method of storing clothes, use the back of a chair or armchair. Hang your clothes on it as carefully as possible to avoid creases.

If you go on vacation or have another break from work, you also need to take care of your medical clothing and store it properly. The most important thing is not to leave clothes in places where harsh sunlight operates, which can adversely affect these colorful clothes. It is best to store medical clothing in a closet, in a place where it will be protected from light. Hang up your medical scrubs, medical gowns and medical g owns on hangers and they will safely await your return.

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