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Scrubs colors perfect for spring and summer – a professional look in a fashionable way

Do you like colorful styling, but only allow yourself to go fashion crazy after work?

You no longer have to wait for the end of your shift to jump into something racy.

We disenchant the gloomy atmosphere of medical scrubs and serve them in the trendiest, energetic colors of spring.

See which ones will be on top right now and choose your favorite model (or two!).

Buying a new uniform for the office is an investment in safety, hygiene and image.

You take care to present yourself professionally, to inspire confidence, so the right scrubs are essential.

Does it have to be conservative and boring?

Do you sigh for colorful styles, especially when you browse Instagram or Pinterest?

Now you can express your style even at work, whether you are in the medical or beauty profession.

At MED&BEAUTY, we manage to combine the medical world with fashion trends.

For the spring-summer 2024 season, we have prepared a collection of uniforms in top colors.

We were inspired by fashion trends, what is worn on the street, and most importantly, we listened to the voices of our female customers.

We fulfilled requests for colorful medical uniforms in a variety of shades. See which ones are worth betting on in the coming months.

Orange scrubs referring to the Peach Fuzz color of the year – Pantone style models

The Pantone Institute has established that the color of the year 2024 is Peach Fuzz.

This delicate shade, which is a mix of orange and pink, quickly took over the world.

Orange shades with a subtle rose undertone suit many complexions, brighten the face, and are easy to style.

This is important, especially when you want to choose the right footwear or accessories for your medical uniform.

It’s no wonder that many of our customers have longed to wear peach-colored outfits in their work.

In the MED&BEAUTY collection you will find the Fire Fox line with an intense shade of burnt orange.

Choices include Fire Fox joggers, STRAIGHT basic pants, and two styles of blouses – one blouse with two pockets, and the other is a one pocket blouse.

They will be just right for spring. You’ll be surprised at how great they perform live.

Minimalism in style – brown, caramel and beige scrubs

If you are in the beauty industry, you know very well how popular nude shades are.

Brown, shades of caramel, beige are worn on nails, in makeup and in styling.

These colors come off elegantly and have a universal appeal, so they fit almost any situation.

At work in the office you will impress as a professional, elegant and stylish person. At the same time, the right shade of nude or bronze color will bring out the assets of your beauty – it will conquer the color of your eyes, hair, make your skin radiant.

What’s more: nude colors are fashionable regardless of trends.

They are extremely popular in spring 2024, but you can boldly wear them in autumn or winter.

Make yourself a dark scrubs from MED&BEAUTY in Chocolate, a uniform in cool Latte beige, a warm outfit in Cappuccino or almost bleached Light Beige.

Pink medical and beauty scrubs for spring – strong shades and pastels

It’s hard to find a more feminine color than pink.

It has a lot of positive energy, and at the same time delicacy, it appears romantic, but also confidence-boosting.

With these qualities, he even fits perfectly into the medical and beauty industry, where a certain amount of feistiness is needed, while maintaining empathy and gentleness.

Pink is also one of the trendiest colors for spring, so your radar for trends should turn on with it.

Pink scrubs can become a companion to your daily challenges in the office.

Pants and blouses in a strong magenta hue await you at MED&BEAUTY.

However, when you appreciate subtlety, opt for scrubs in a light color Dolce rosa or English Rose.

Green scrubs – deep greens and delicate sage. Which will you choose?

Green scrubs, regardless of the shade you choose, can positively affect your look and image.

They inspire confidence, so if you work in the medical and beauty industry, you should consider this color all the more.

In spring, greens of different saturation are on top, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

Definitely consider the dim green.

It adds freshness to the styling, and because of the bright color it is universal, meaning it suits many people, and captures the spring aura.

MED&BEAUTY offers light green scrubs in Frosty Pistachio, Ice Green or Subtle Sage.

On the other hand, the scrubs in deep green fall out elegantly.

It has a subtle retro feel to it, and in the case of a uniform for work, it immediately brings to mind strength and decisiveness.

This means that when you want to appear professional, dark green scrubs will be your ally. As it happens, there are many options to choose from at MED&BEAUTY – including scrubs of the Bottle Green and Khaki lines.

Blue medical and cosmetic uniforms – from color blues to navy blues

Blue scrubs are a classic in the medical and beauty world, but they are by no means a boring proposition and need not be associated with hospital coolness.

On the contrary, contemporary variants of scrubs in blue can evoke positive emotions, such as calmness, tranquility.

On the other hand, a person wearing a blue medical uniform immediately gains more professionalism in the eyes, creates an atmosphere of trust.

Is blue universal?

Definitely yes, and on top of that it has special properties – it makes the face more luminous and the skin takes on color.

So you can count on the blue scrubs to further enhance your beauty. Why shouldn’t you feel attractive while working?

The collection of blue scrubs from MED&BEAUTY includes a multitude of models in a variety of shades: scrubs Ocean blue and a set of Crystal Blue.

Scrubs in purple – delicate lily or strong purple?

Among some of the most frequently mentioned trendy colors for spring is purple.

Especially the bright lilac shade, which falls almost into pastel tones – just like pink, it is feminine, delicate, but eye-catching.

Although your knowledge, experience and composure in difficult situations are what counts most in your work at the office, purple scrubs can further enhance your image.

You will seem more decisive, and this will give patients and clients the feeling that they are in good hands. Yes, such an impression can be provided by a properly selected color. So opt for scrubs Purple.

Lilac color is undoubtedly on trend, but its darker cousins should not be overlooked.

Burgundy shade, classic dark purple or plum variant is a classic in spring fashion.

Discover the Ruby and Magic violet collection of scrubs.

Even the most saturated dark ones will add grace to your every move. Moreover, they will even be ideal for the autumn period.

When you buy one of the dark purple scrubs now, you get a uniform for several seasons – spring, summer and autumn.

Among the listed color scrubs, do you already have a favorite?

Spring is already in full swing, so it’s the best time to refresh your corporate closet.

Not only will you feel a surge of willpower, but you will present stunningly, and your customers will appreciate your efforts and positive energy.



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