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Med&Beauty student program

When we were rebranding and building our new website, we came up with the idea to create a program that would target medical and beauty students.

Our student program was created to make a difference in students’ experiences during internships and classes. We know the importance of functional and practical clothing. It makes the long hours spent at the university, hospital or office much more enjoyable.

During the development of Med&Beauty’s medical clothing, we spoke with a large group of medical and beauty students. Most of them reported that the uniforms they receive from universities do not meet their requirements. They restrain movement, look unsightly, the material creases a lot, and they don’t have time to meticulously iron it for several minutes a day.

We appreciate the hard work of studying medicine and beauty. We know how many hours are consumed by learning and improving your skills during your internship, so we decided to meet your needs.

Let’s not kid ourselves – we too once studied and are well aware that investing in premium scrubs can be an expense that doesn’t necessarily fit into a student’s budget.

During the development of the student program, we were guided by the idea of making premium medical apparel more accessible to all medical and cosmetic students.

We are here for you. We want to support you in spreading your wings on your professional path. Our small dream is that a minimum of half of medical and cosmetology students wear our medical uniforms.

Will it be successful? It depends only on you!

What do you gain by joining our student program?

The Med&Beauty student program allows students to register on our site and receive attractive discounts on premium medical apparel.

Every student who registers in our program receives a permanent discount of as much as 15% on all their orders (while their ID card is valid).

In addition, we offer students discounts on group orders and embroidery on medical uniforms. If you are studying medicine or beauty – talk to your group and find out if they are planning to order new scrubs. By placing an order in a group, you can get an even bigger discount!

Importantly – all students registered in our store also get access to the Outlet tab, where you can find the last pieces from our collections at exceptionally low prices.

How do we verify a student’s status?

To register for the student program, create an account in our store, then go to the STUDENTS tab and click on the VERIFY STUDENT STATUS button.

We will ask you to provide the full name of the university, your name and your student email address.

Once your status is verified, you will receive a confirmation via email with details of the discount you are entitled to.

If you want to read more about the terms and conditions for joining the student program, take a look at the terms and conditions HERE.

Why should you invest in good quality medical clothing when you are a medical and cosmetic student?

College is a time full of challenges and new experiences. Don’t let uncomfortable, uncomfortable to wear and visually unattractive medical clothing spoil your memories of this period!

Med&Beauty medical apparel is extremely functional and practical, and the wide range of colors to choose from will allow you to stand out in the college hallways.

We are committed to ensuring that medical and cosmetology students take care of their image and comfort from the first years of their education.

Change begins at an early age, and our mission is to disenchant the gloomy image of doctors and cosmetologists.

Be a part of this change and together with us break the patterns that have been established for years.

Join our student program today and discover a brand-new quality of premium medical apparel.



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