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Medical clothing for beauticians

What is your first association related to the beauty industry? Have you thought about the possibility of relaxing and beautifying your appearance? Certainly, most of you answered just that way!

And have you ever wondered how the work is seen by the beauticians themselves? Studying, a huge number of courses, working in rather extreme conditions – we very much appreciate what you do for us and how much time you devote to improving your competence on a regular basis.

We’re committed to making sure you get the most enjoyment out of your work – so today we’re going to introduce you to our medical apparel that is not only pleasant to wear, but also meets your functionality requirements!

We understand very well the challenges you face in the beauty industry – a neat appearance and the ability to hold a conversation are associated with complete professionalism. Without a doubt, the first impression is the most important – even scientific studies confirm this!

That’s why we took into account all the tasks related to your profession when designing our medical clothing!

Cosmetic clothing

You are probably wondering which products available at Med & Beauty will work best for you – we answer – all of them!

We have designed our medical clothing to make everyday duties easier – all products are made of high-quality materials that guarantee durability even in harsh conditions. In addition, we equipped them with a large number of capacious pockets, so you can store all the necessary tools – lost clippers or tweezers are a thing of the past!

We always emphasize that your satisfaction at work is the key to our success!

Medical clothing for beauty salons

We realize that clients and customers, when choosing a beauty salon, are first and foremost looking for complete professionalism – along with growing awareness of hygiene and safety, consumer demands are also increasing – a neat and elegant appearance is a must!

We also understand that maintaining cleanliness in such a profession is not an easy task – irregular drops of polish or henna would look extravagant at a fashion show, but in working with clients they are not necessarily welcome!

We specialize in sewing medical garments that involve constant contact with dirt, which translates into testing the durability of the garment – our products perfectly pass this test.

Hence, we also offer them to those working in the beauty industry – we are well aware that contact with various chemicals and stains is an integral part of your work.

We also know how important it is to be comfortable wearing any garment – that’s why there are as many as two collections available in our store, differing in material composition and cuts – we know very well that our bodies have different needs and we want to go towards your expectations!

The BASIC collection consists of a blend of polyester, viscose and lycra – this combination of fibers guarantees extraordinary softness and breathability.

Viscose, once known as “artificial silk,” will be ideal for warmer days, as it can absorb a large amount of water without feeling like a wet fabric.

Polyester is a guarantee of the garment’s durability – we know very well that working in the beauty industry exposes you to a lot of dirt – a little blush, a dab of powder and highlighter – all this looks beautiful applied to the face, but certainly not on a medical uniform.

Lycra provides elasticity in the material – so both your scrubs and medical dress will fit your figure perfectly.

In one of the blogs we mentioned why you should wear medical gowns – read it and find out that they are the perfect solution for your office!

In this collection you will also find medical blouses and medical pants, from which you will complete the medical uniform of your dreams.

Answer the question, what colors suit you and your living room? Is it an expressive MAGENTA? A blouse in this color is sure to put a smile on the face of your customers and clients. You can combine it with medical pants of the same color to create uniform scrubs – do you prefer joggers or classic straight pants?

Remember that you can freely mix your chosen products – how about combining subtle ICE GREEN with subdued DOLCE ROSA?

When creating the PREMIUM collection, we decided to use 80% of the best quality cotton with the addition of lycra and nylon,

By producing it, we have enriched our product range with aprons, tunics and medical jackets. The tastefulness and uniqueness of the last two products make them a great solution just for the beauty industry.

We designed medical tunics for women who want to combine chic and professionalism at work. There are two types of medical tunics available. Do you prefer short or ¾ sleeve? Do you care for a classic binding, or do you want to add a charming bow to your look?

Tunics are available in many sizes – we wanted every woman, regardless of her figure, to feel beautiful and comfortable in our clothing! We also took care of a wide range of colors – you can find the ¾ sleeve medical envelope tunic in as many as thirteen colors! From classic white, to heather, deep bottle green and unfussy light blue!

We also kept in mind women who prefer more subdued shades – that’s why we decided on as many as two types of beige! There was also classic black and tasteful navy blue.

If you prefer shorter-sleeved clothing, a short-sleeved medical envelope tunic is also available at Med & Beauty. You’ll find it in several different shades – traditional white and black, two shades of beige, and a slightly more unprecedented dirty pink.

In our offer you will also find medical jackets – we created this model for women who want to experiment with fashion even at work! By choosing it you emphasize the professionalism not only of yourself, but also of your salon!

Available in two colors – classic white and tasteful black – it will complement both casual and work outfits.

The contoured cut and wide waistband will perfectly accentuate your figure, while two interior pockets will hold all your essentials. We also offer a choice of sleeve lengths to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Medical clothing for beauticians

We have repeatedly pointed out that when sewing our medical clothes , we pay special attention to the practical aspect and comfort. We realize that there is more to the beauty industry than just looking neat – studies, long hours and frequent training are part and parcel of the job. That’s why we have created all of our products with the highest quality materials to ensure you get maximum comfort when wearing our clothes.

Medical clothing for beauticians must meet a number of requirements when it comes to usability – that’s why, as we mentioned, all medical uniforms created by us contain a large number of capacious pockets.

All our products have been created with attention to the smallest details – even jackets or medical tunics, distinguished by their extraordinary elegance, meet the highest requirements for functionality.

We listen carefully to the needs of all our female customers, which translates into the quality of the products we offer.

However, if you have any comments for us to improve our medical apparel – write to us on Instagram or Facebook. We are committed to ensuring that our medical and beauty apparel meets all your requirements, making your job easier!

Personalization of medical clothing

More than once we have mentioned the possibility of personalization of our products – embroidery on your clothing will make your salon not only memorable for your clients and customers, but also associated with complete professionalism.

Doing embroidery, although it increases the lead time, but it is certainly worth it – we offer not only the possibility to embroider the text, but also the entire graphic design! Choose the color of thread in which we should prepare the design for you and you’re done!

You can try on all the products available from us in person at our stationary store located in Poznan at ul. Zwierzyniecka 32/38 (entrance from Kraszewskiego) – see for yourself that practicality and elegance will be an excellent solution for your living room!



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