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Why wear medical dresses?

Dresses are a combination of utility and elegance. Women’s medical apparel is no different. Here the practical aspect is especially important, because we assume that the medical clothes we produce are meant to make your job easier, not harder. Elegant medical uniforms inspire confidence, which is vital in your profession.

Medical dresses available at Med & Beauty

In our offer you will find three types of dresses, which we designed paying attention to the smallest details. We have sewn each model for the comfort of all women who spend many hours at work.

The Med & Beauty brand was created mainly for women working in the medical and beauty industries. Your feedback is extremely important to us, as it allows us to improve our products and thus better respond to your needs.

Our main goal is to make every woman wearing Med & Beauty designs feel special – your well-being is our key to success. Unusual design of medical clothes is an attractive addition to the best quality material blends and cuts that allow full freedom of movement.

When creating medical dresses , we thought first of all that they should fit any figure, provide full comfort, and at the same time emphasize the assets of a woman’s figure.

Medical envelope dress with short sleeves PREMIUM

The first offering from our collection of women’s medical clothing is a short-sleeved medical envelope dress that is part of the PREMIUM collection.

As with all our projects -we have taken care of comfort and usability. We also did not forget about the visual aspect. In order to diversify our offer, we have introduced some significant changes – clothes from the Basic collection differ from those from the Premium collection in color availability and composition.

The dress we are describing is an example of medical clothing of the best quality, in which we decided to combine 80% premium cotton with lycra and nylon.

The properties of the first fiber in the fabric wick sweat away from the skin without creating the impression of a wet fabric. This is especially useful when worn for many hours. It also provides breathability and is very pleasant to the touch. Cotton is one of the materials that is widely known and liked, which is why we decided to use it. Nylon provides clothing with flexibility and durability.

This is an important aspect, given that medical clothing often gets dirty and must be washed regularly. Mixed with natural fibers, it effectively prevents deformation. The use of elastane further increases the plasticity of the garment. Its properties also make the clothes fit your figure perfectly.

We have also made sure that each of you, regardless of your physique, will find a premium medical garment for you. The medical envelope dress is available in a wide range of sizes – from XS to 3XL – and in five colors.

Tiered medical dress

The second type of medical dress es we offer are tied medical dresses.

As with its predecessors, we opted for a binding that allows it to fit impeccably. During its production, we paid attention to other aesthetic qualities. Thanks to the tapered bottom, you will optically slim your silhouette. Zippers and an elegant belt allow for waist shaping, and the 7/8 length adds sophistication.

When choosing the cut and color, we opted for timelessness – standard white and tasteful black. As with the rest of the Premium Collection, we used high-quality cotton combined with lycra and nylon to sew it.

The tied medical dress is available in four sizes- from XS to 3XL, and with its charm, it is sure to appeal to even the most demanding customers.

Medical dress with zipper

The third type of dresses available from Med & Beauty are medical dresses with a zipper.

Like all dresses from the premium line, it was made from a material that is a combination of high-quality cotton with lycra and nylon.

The medical dress with zipper has long, fashionable, buff sleeves, an interesting neckline and modern pockets on the bust. An elegant belt with a buckle adds to its charm, and the below-the-knee length is very comfortable and loved by women working in the medical and beauty industries who like shorter dresses.

Size and cut selection

When sizing medical dresses, pay attention to the bust, waist and hip circumference. To find out what size to choose – check your measurements, then go to the size chart or size calculator, which you will find on the product card. If you still have doubts – send us your measurements and we will adjust the size suitable for you.

Also pay attention to what you wear every day. Medical clothing should suit your daily tastes. Do you prefer shorter or longer sleeves? Do you feel better in cotton or viscose?

What colors do you like? Do you prefer light or dark shades? Do you prefer the classics or do you want to emphasize your originality at work as well?

Your individual preferences are very important when choosing women’s medical clothing. We won’t answer these questions for you unequivocally, because you are the one who knows yourself best.

If you want to learn more about how to choose the right medical clothing for you – you can use the post on our website .

How you feel in medical clothing will project how you are perceived by male and female patients. Therefore, when choosing your dream medical dress, be guided primarily by comfort and usability.

Personalization of medical dresses

Did you know that you can personalize all of our blouses, aprons, uniforms, and medical dresses?

Making the embroidery in the form of your name or logo, admittedly, extends the lead time by an additional 5-10 working days, but it is worth the wait, as the embroidery increases your credibility in the eyes of patients and customers.

With the ability to personalize – you will not only become recognizable in hospital corridors – it will emphasize your professionalism and increase the chance that your name will be remembered.

This also applies to the beauty industry – without a doubt, embroidery in the form of a clinic’s name or logo is associated with complete professionalism. Name embroidery also has many practical uses – patients will never mistake your name, and you won’t confuse your medical dress with that of a teammate!

Each medical garment we offer can be tailored to you or your workplace.

It’s very simple – just post the inscription or send us a ready-made logo design and choose the thread color.

What else to look for when choosing a medical dress?

Pay attention to the length of the dress – here it is not only your preferences that count, but also the challenges of your job.

While our medical dresses will work great for nurses and doctors alike, the challenges of a physiotherapist’s job may argue for choosing a different type of medical clothing.

The time of year is also important – short sleeve will be the ideal choice for summer and spring, while longer sleeve is definitely better for cooler days.

When choosing the color of a medical dress , you should also pay attention to the weather outside the window. Light, pastel, or bright shades will be a great choice for the sunny months. Darker, more subdued colors will fit perfectly in the climate of both winter and autumn.

You can also break those conventions – perhaps powder pink, worn all year round, will become your trademark?

We have already been trusted by many women working in both the medical and beauty industries. Now it’s your turn!

You can try on each model of medical dress in our stationary store and see if it meets all your expectations.

We invite you to the Med & Beauty showroom in Poznan at ul. Zwierzyniecka 32/38 (from Kraszewskiego Street).

See you there!



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