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How do you choose medical clothing that fits you perfectly?

How do you choose medical clothing that fits you perfectly?

Whether you are a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, cosmetologist, hairdresser or beautician, in your work you need perfectly fitting medical clothing that allows you to feel comfortable and convenient. We are committed to ensuring that the garments worn by women in the medical and cosmetic industries are of the best quality. That’s why all our clothes are made in Poland, with the utmost care and from proven materials.

The vision of the MED&BEAUTY brand includes disenchanting the pattern of the dreary hospital gown, which does not evoke positive associations. We know how important your image is and how much it affects how your patients or customers perceive you. That’s why we’ve created a range of beautiful and functional clothes in which you will feel great and look special.

Read our article and find out why you should choose medical clothes from MED&BEAUTY!

Medical scrubs blouse in Purple color. Medical cosmetic clothing medical uniform.

Stylish medical clothing

You are the one who knows best whether the outfit you work in should be very formal or not necessarily. Our clothes fit any medical and cosmetic workplace. Choose those whose style suits you better – casual or elegant.

We have prepared for you two collections of medical clothing, suitable also for women working in the beauty industry.

  • BASIC collection
    are extremely comfortable medical scrubs and medical pants – joggers or classic, straight-leg. We have provided blouses, sweatshirts and pants with pockets, so that you can take necessary small items with you everywhere.Choose a set according to your preferences and feel the comfort of work in well-tailored clothes. The BASIC collection was sewn from high-quality stretch viscose fabric.

The medical garments from the PREMIUM collection are made of excellent quality cotton (80%) with the addition of nylon and lycra. Such a composition makes the fabric airy, soft and beautifully shaped on the silhouette.

If you want to emphasize your utmost professionalism, you can choose from an elegant medical apron, a medical jacket or a fashionable tied or envelope dress.

Short-sleeved medical envelope tunic in marine color. Medandbeauty clothing

Medical scrubs or medical uniform? – you have a choice!

In our store you will find a large selection of medical clothing. Let’s find out which one suits you best!

Maybe it will be medical scrubs from the BASIC collection, that is, a comfortable blouse with short sleeves, a heart neckline and two practical pockets? You can match scrubs with comfortable joggers with a drawstring at the ankle or classic straight-leg pants.

Women's medical jogger pants scrubs in dolce rosa color. MEDANDBEAUTY, basic collection

Or maybe you are more comfortable with
PREMIUM collection?

Check out what you can find in it.

Elegant tied and envelope medical aprons have different collar finishes. Choose one that best suits your taste. We know that you work a lot with your hands, wash them often and need maximum comfort for them. Most of our medical aprons have ¾ sleeves, but if you prefer long sleeves, choose a mini medical apron.

If you feel comfortable in medical dresses, we have great news for you! At work, too, you can feel comfortable and feminine by wearing a professional medical dress that accentuates your figure. Choose a tied, zippered or envelope dress.

Match a medical uniform, medical tunic or medical apron with comfortable medical pants with a tight fit. Do you prefer a model with a classic straight leg or a sportier one with a drawstring at the ankle and pockets? Both models have a comfortable, wide elastic band at the waist.

For women who focus on maximum elegance and comfort at work, as well as follow fashion trends, we recommend the Navy exclusive. You can choose ¾ sleeve or long sleeve.

Take a look at our offer, look at the photos and choose the set that best suits your character and work mode.

Medical apron classic white brand MEDANDBEAUTY medical clothing premium collection

Classic medical uniform in pure white or medical scrubs in vibrant colors?

We associate classic white with cleanliness and hygiene. Many doctors and cosmetologists wear white medical clothing. This is a great and timeless choice. The pristine white fabric accentuates facial features very well and helps focus the patient’s attention on it. It is strongly associated with the medical industry, although it also fits well in beauty salons and spas. If you are comfortable in white and are looking for such clothing, you will find it in both of our clothing collections.

For women who can and want to indulge in a little color at work, we highly recommend colorful medical scrubs, women’s medical pants, medical aprons and medical uniforms.

Go to the page of the selected product, you will find currently available color versions. If you care about a color that is not currently on the site, please email us. The dynamics of the availability of different colors is very high with us, and it is possible that in just a few days we will replenish our stock with the color you like best.

With color you will express your personality and enhance your beauty, which will give you confidence and improve your mood. When we feel good, we work better. You can create monochromatic sets or mix the colors of the top and bottom of the outfit as you wish!

Women's tied medical gown

How to fit the perfect size of medical clothing?

You probably already know which products suit you best. You’ve chosena medical scrubs and pants, apron or dress, so it’s time to size up.

Take a look at the Size Chart, which you will find under the product name and price. We have provided there the exact measurements, which you should check in order to perfectly match the outfit to your figure. You can also use our size calculator.

The circumference of your chest, waist and hips is most conveniently measured with a tailor’s tape measure, standing upright. If you buy scrubs pants from the BASIC collection, first choose your height range – the leg length in each size depends on it.

We want you to feel comfortable and convenient in the clothes in which you do important work every day. Our sizing is therefore very wide – from size 32 all the way up to 44 – for maximum convenience for all our female customers.

Take advantage of personalization

You will also find personalized embroidery, which we make on request of our customers. Send us the text or graphic design you want to personalize the garment with, and we will embroider it for you.

Personalization is a great way to highlight your brand. You can cohesively dress your entire team if you are, for example, the head of a medical center or beauty salon.

Have us embroider your name on the medical apparel of your choice. You will inspire confidence among patients.

Confused about the size or model of your medical uniform? Write to us!

Make yourself comfortable in our store and choose the medical clothing that best suits you and your work. Find the perfect white or colorful, formal or casual uniform for you. Choose the right size to always feel comfortable at work and be able to perform with ease and confidence. Choose the highest quality behind each of our products. Your profession is about taking care of other people, remember to take care of yourself too!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to write us a message through the contact form available in the CONTACT tab, send an email or call us.

We are at your service. We will be happy to help you choose the best-fitting medical garment for your needs!



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