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Medical clothing for beauty salons

Beauty salons and aesthetic medicine offices are places where you take care of your beauty and appearance. So it’s no surprise that the clothing used to work in such offices is of great importance!

Read the article and find out how you can take care of your image and that of your team with the help of premium medical apparel .

Positive team image in a beauty salon

A professional appearance in the beauty industry is a very important part of the image, which not only inspires customer confidence and increases the credibility of the beauty salon, but also affects the overall experience when visiting the salon. Attention to appearance and comfort is a priority for all those who run their businesses in the cosmetics industry. The image of all employees working in the practice plays a huge role in attracting new clients and retaining current ones.

The first impression made on a customer who visits a beauty salon for the first time is of great importance. Employees dressed in neat medical clothing exude professionalism and customer care. Carefully selected medical clothing not only provides comfort at work, but is also part of the visual presentation of the brand of the cosmetic surgery. The color scheme, cut and quality of clothing significantly affect the perception of the level of services offered by a given beauty salon.

Without a doubt, employees wearing premium medical apparel make the customer feel comfortable and safe in the office. Choosing cosmetic clothing that combines functionality with aesthetics is an investment not only in the image of the practice, but also in the confidence of customers. Responsive fabrics, ergonomic cut and thoughtful details not only emphasize the professionalism of the staff, but also enhance their work efficiency.

Let’s also remember that wearing premium medical apparel doesn’t just end with the visual aspect. Cleanliness and well-maintained clothes are as important as their model or quality, since medical clothing is also a protection during work.

Due to the huge competition in the beauty salon market, the professional appearance of employees is an element that can attract customers and make them eager to return for future visits. Branding through image is an integral part of any beauty salon‘s business strategy, and professional medical apparel becomes not only a working tool, but also an effective way to build trust and customer loyalty.

Medical Apparel in the Beauty Industry

In the beauty industry in Poland, medical apparel is an integral part of the professional and stylish image of beauty and aesthetic medicine offices. Employees of these places usually choose clothing that provides comfort, excellent appearance and maximum functionality.

Our customers who run or work in their cosmetic surgeries most often choose sets consisting of medical tunics and STRAIGHT medical pants or medical joggers. Our medical envelope tunics with short or 3/4 sleeves provide freedom of movement, are made of the best quality materials, and are sewn in Poland.

Elastic pants with a comfortable drawstring waist are comfortable to wear and very practical, as they provide a full range of motion while performing procedures.

The color scheme of medical garments in the beauty industry is usually based on muted colors, such as whites, navy blues, grays and beiges. From month to month, however, we are seeing an increase in interest in coloredscrubs, which are becoming an integral part of a brand’s image. Our scrubs in Ice Green, Khaki, Ruby or Magenta colors already reign supreme in thousands of beauty parlors and aesthetic medicine salons across the country!

The medical garments we sew for beauty salon employees include many useful details, such as numerous pockets for small accessories, waist belts to accentuate the figure, as well as neckline fasteners to ensure 100% comfort during work. The solutions used in our medical apparel facilitate the comfortable performance of all procedures and emphasize a professional image.

A huge advantage of Med & Beauty medical apparel is also the possibility of personalization. With the embroidery option, you can put your practice’s logo or your employee’s name on the clothes you order.

It is also worth noting that our medical clothing is easy to clean. The materials we use to sew the uniforms are stain-resistant and resistant to washing, which is crucial in an environment where hygiene and cleanliness play an extremely important role.

In summary, the medical garments most often chosen by Beauty workers in Poland combine functionality, comfort and aesthetics. The choice of appropriate materials, practical details and the possibility of personalization make these garments not only meet professional requirements, but also form an important part of building a professional image of a cosmetic surgery or aesthetic medicine salon.

“Highly recommend! ❤️ Beautiful colors and great fabric of garments. The staff is very friendly and committed.”

Kasia from Wloclawek


How to size medical clothing for the entire team in a cosmetic surgery?

Choosing the right size of medical clothing for a team working in a cosmetic surgery is crucial to the comfort and efficiency of their work. Proper sizing is a process that requires attention and care, which affects not only the comfort of employees, but also their well-being and the perception of their image by customers!

The first step in sizing is an accurate measurement of each employee’s figure. It is extremely important to take into account the diversity of body shapes, which requires precision and accuracy. Proper measurement includes circumferences, lengths and proportions, also taking into account the individual preferences of each team member.

Remember that at Med & Beauty you will find medical clothing in a wide range of sizes (from 32 to 48), as well as two trouser lengths – 159-166 cm and 167-174 cm.

Thanks to the detailed size chart you can consult on our website, you can easily match the size of medical clothing to all your employees. You can also use the size calculator available on the card of each product.

Comfort of movement is crucial when working in the cosmetic field, so it is advisable to choose garments with a fit, but not too tight. Medical uniforms should not restrict movement when performing procedures. Pay attention to this when measuring yourself and placing an order.

However, if, after receiving your dream scrub, you find that the size was mismatched, you have nothing to worry about, because at Med & Beauty we offer up to 100 days of return!

Trying on garments before making a purchase can be crucial to ensure that the size you choose actually fits the needs of your employees. Regular measurement of silhouettes can also be helpful in selecting the right size, for example, when changing collections from Basic to Premium.

If you want to try on medical clothing stationary, you are cordially invited to our store on Zwierzyniecka street 32/38 in Poznan.

We also offer the possibility of group orders with attractive discounts. Want to learn more?

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