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Medical clothing for male and female students

Medical clothing for dental students, medical clothes

College is not an easy time – we know something about it ourselves. Long hours spent over books, stress before exams – we remember it very well.

Certainly, education related to hospital work is quite a challenge, and we want to make it easier for you.

In the further or near future, you will face internships – we want you to feel as comfortable as possible during them. The practical aspect is also not insignificant, which we have taken care of with the utmost care.

The main idea that accompanied us from the beginning of creating the collection was to combine elegance, comfort and usability.

Tasteful dress will make your patients remember you better, as it is associated with complete professionalism and commitment.

Comfort is extremely important during long hours of work – we want medical clothes that do not restrict movement and materials are breathable.

The practical aspect is inseparable from comfort – we believe that medical clothing is supposed to make your work easier, not harder.

We have considered the needs of both men and women when designing our medical apparel.

The photo shows four students wearing SCRUBS medical clothing from the BASIC collection.

Medical clothing for female students

Thinking about women, we have created two collections, covering different types of clothing. The BASIC collection, consisting of a blend of viscose, polyester and elastane, guarantees softness and breathability.

We offer a wide range of colors – from deep black and elegant navy blue, through bottle green, hooked on beige and the most varied shades of pink, ending with light blue and interesting purples. There were also more energetic colors such as Magenta or the more subdued Ice Green, which is the successor to our bestselling Eukapiltus.

We are confident that any student going for an internship will find medical apparel for herself, and the shades she chooses will make getting up in the morning more pleasant!

If you can’t decide on one color, remember that you can freely combine them with each other. Women’s medical blouse, with a unique shade of dolce rosa will go perfectly with light blue joggers! However, if you prefer subdued medical clothes, think about combining classic beige with sophisticated bottle green – delight in the hospital corridor guaranteed! With us you will complete a unique medical uniform.

Medical clothing for students

We also remembered to combine utility with elegance in the form of medical dresses – we mentioned why you should wear them in a previous post. If you don’t want to give up wearing this type of clothing at work, be sure to check it out! When designing medical uniforms, we have taken into account all the requirements of your work in the hospital.

Both the medical blouses and medical pants from MED&BEAUTY were created with attention to the smallest details – both of these products are equipped with a large number of pockets to accommodate all the necessary instruments. The short sleeve will be an ideal form of arm protection, and the elastic at the legs will prevent the pants from lifting up!

The photo shows four students wearing medical SCRUBS from the BASIC collection. Medical clothing, medical uniforms

You can also find the PREMIUM collection at Med & Beauty.

In creating it, we decided on a blend of 80% high-quality cotton with lycra and nylon.

We have also added medical aprons, medical tunics and even medical jackets to our offerings.

The medical apron is a classic of the genre – thanks to the stand-up collar we added a touch of chic and tastefulness, and the long straight sleeve emphasizes the versatility of this model. The fitted cut will accentuate any woman’s figure, and two functional pockets will allow you to stow all your essential tools.

Medical tunics will be ideal for women who want to experiment – a wide waistband allows you to adjust them to your figure, and short sleeves provide not only stylish clothing, but also comfort. Two deep pockets will hold all your medical paraphernalia, and the nap at the neckline guarantees freedom with every move!

Medical blazers are a solution not only for work – they will also perfectly complement any outfit. When designing this model, we thought about the most demanding women – that’s why we give you a choice of sleeve lengths – do you prefer long or ¾ sleeves? Among other products, it stands out because capacious pockets have been placed on the inside of the garment. The wide waistband and subtle stitching accentuate the waist, and the modeled cut will adjust to any figure!

Premium medical attire from medandbeauty

Medical clothing for students

When creating the medical scrubs of your dreams, we also took into account the needs of men – in our offer you will find
men’s medical blouse
men’s medical pants
. Both products are available in elegant colors – we opted for unfussy bottle green, elegant navy blue and classic black. You can create a unique medical uniform by choosing to mix these colors together – do you prefer a dark green top or bottom? The choice is yours!

Both products are made of 63% polyester, 29% viscose and 8% lycra. The former ensures the extraordinary durability of the medical garment and reduces the formation of creases, the latter guarantees extraordinary breathability and softness, while lycra makes the medical srubs fit your figure perfectly.

When designing medical apparel, for both men and women, chicness and functionality were most important to us. Our men’s medical blouse has two large side pockets – you’ll be able to fit all the finest tools you need during your work. With a side zipper closure, you’ll never have to worry about losing even the tiniest of accessories again. The short sleeve protects the shoulders and provides comfort, while the classic heart neckline enhances the model’s versatile cut.

The medical pants contain as many as six large pockets – two front pockets, two back pockets and two side cargo pockets will hold all the necessary accessories. The elastic waistband adjusts to any silhouette and does not restrict movement, and the welts at the bottom of the leg prevent the pants from rising to the top – this definitely increases the comfort of the wearer. We designed the cut to fit any figure without any problems.

Medical outfit for hospital practice

We realize that internships are quite a challenge – first contact with patients, getting to know the staff at the facility – an internship is a real test of your knowledge! You are bound to be accompanied by stress – we understand this very well, which is why we set a high bar when designing our medical clothing. As you may have found out, our mission is to take care of your needs while you work.

You are probably bothered by the question of what kind of medical apparel for medical practice to choose – Med & Beauty gives you a wide range of options – from choosing between types of material to a wide range of colors.

Remember, however, that some universities and hospitals have their own regulations as to the dress of trainees and interns – it is worth paying attention to it. However, if you have ordered pink medical scrubs, and your facility requires more subdued colors, there is still nothing to lose – we accept returns as long as the goods bear no signs of use and no item is damaged.

Completing medical clothing for college will make you feel like a hospital staff member – this will certainly allow you to better identify with your chosen profession and will benefit your well-being

Premium medical envelope tunic in gray. Medical clothing, medical uniforms, medical attire MED&BEAUTY

How to dress for hospital practice?

Today, choosing medical clothing for college is more than just ordering the proverbial “medical uniform.” More and more attention is being paid to how we feel in our clothes, including when we are at work. How we look undeniably translates into our mood – it is especially important when working with other people.

If you feel like emphasizing your individuality it is worth paying attention to distinctive colors. Or maybe you fancy an unusual shade, but prefer slightly more dim colors? Even studies confirm that nurses dressed in colorful medical clothing are perceived as more friendly, thus lowering patients’ anxiety levels!

We take care of the needs of all our customers, so if you prefer more subdued shades of medical uniforms be sure to look at Ice Green.

It is also worth remembering the more traditional proposals, such as white and black – after all, the classics never go out of fashion!

Premium medical envelope tunic in lilac pink. PREMIUM collection, medical attire, medical uniforms, fashionable medical clothing.

Personalization of student medical wear

We regularly go to great lengths to make sure that when customers put on our medical clothing, they feel professional in it – that’s why we offer the possibility to personalize the models we create.

Feel like a real member of the medical staff by putting on medical scrubs with your name or clinic logo – isn’t this just what you’ve been dreaming of?

Embroidery will ensure that both hospital staff and patients won’t confuse your name, and you won’t mistake your medical uniform for that of your colleague or worse, your practice supervisor! We care about the comfort and safety of all our customers!

You can see all the products in the stationary store of Med & Beauty in Poznań at ul. Zwierzyniecka 32/38 (entrance from Kraszewskiego Street) and see if they meet your expectations.

See you there!



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