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Trends in medical apparel

Trends in medical apparel

Health care workers, like police officers, firefighters and military personnel, are required to wear special business clothing. Until recently, the most popular color for outfits in medical facilities was white, accompanied by STRAIGHT cuts of medical uniforms. Those times are thankfully a thing of the past. Nowadays, medical apparel is very diverse, both in terms of cuts or colors and the materials used to create them.

Learn about the current trends and products prevailing in the medical apparel industry!

Women's medical straight pants SCRUBS in dolce rosa color from BASIC collection. Medandbeauty medical apparel

Scrubs medical – bet on color!

Yes, as we mentioned, the days of ubiquitous cool white are over, although many people are still eager to reach for it. Medical professionals now have more choice in the colors they wear at work, as many of the facilities no longer require only white uniforms. Decide what color you feel best in and choose the perfectly matched medical scrub color!

Particularly fashionable this season are the vivid spring colors: purples, pinks and greens. In such colors you will make the hospital corridor light up with positive energy!

In the offer of MED&BEAUTY brand you will find medical clothing in unusual colors, for example: slightly dimmed pink, deep purple, which brings to mind, spring crocuses or stately bottle green.

If you prefer something more subdued then, of course, we also have calmer colors, such as olive, coffee with milk or even the classic and tasteful black or the aforementioned white.

However, the availability of the listed colors may vary. At Med&Beauty, we strive to keep abreast of trends and, based on them, update our offerings with new medical garments that become available.

Did you know that medical apparel color trends can also take from their symbolism? Each color evokes different emotions or associations. For customers who would like to know the meaning of each color, we have prepared a small download.

  • The color red is stimulating, active and courageous.
  • Browns represent naturalness, support, reliability, harmony and balance.
  • Greenery represents gentleness, peace, serenity and relaxation.
  • Blue is a symbol of hope and heaven.
  • Pink is the color of empathy and tenderness.
  • Purple signifies solemnity and dignity.
  • Navy blue is the color of trust, nobility and loyalty.
  • White stands for cleanliness, neatness and sanity.
  • The black color is a symbol of seriousness and professionalism.

Let’s remember that colors have therapeutic power, and knowledge of them and conscious use of them can do a lot of good not only for us, but also for those around us.

SCRUBS women's medical blouse in subtle sage color from BASIC collection. Medandbeauty clothing

Interesting cuts of medical uniforms

With any medical garment, not just medical, a good cut is a must! A real hit at the moment are the simple scrubs with a modern heart neckline, which at the same time accentuate the feminine silhouette.

You can match any of our scrubs with equally well-designed pants.

If you prefer casual style, choose fashionable joggers with drawstrings at the legs, and if you are looking for something elegant and classic – check out our STRAIGHT medical pants in the store, in which the leg looks very shapely! Medical clothing from MED&BEAUTY is in a class of its own

Both models of pants and ourmedical scrubs can be found in the Basic line. For customers who appreciate premium quality, we have prepared a collection with many classic models of medical clothing to choose from.

The premium line includes envelope medical tunics, medical aprons with waist ties and elegant collars, kimonos, stylish medical dresses or graceful medical aprons in mini versions, which have been very popular among customers recently.

Our mission is to make MED&BEAUTY customers feel, first of all, comfortable in their uniforms, but also professional and attractive.

SCRUBS women's medical blouse in latte color from BASIC collection. Premium medical clothing MED&BEAUTY

Comfortable medical uniform – always on trend!

The words medical uniform, few of us associate with convenience. For many years, medical clothing was associated with awkward and uncomfortable uniforms that restrict movement. MED&BEAUTY was created to revolutionize the medical uniform market and change the approach to its creation. We want every person working in the medical or cosmetic field to feel comfortable and wear comfortable and fashionable medical clothing.

We realize that the medical attire of medical professionals should inspire confidence and reflect the professionalism of the person who wears it. That’s why the cuts of our medical clothes are meticulously prepared by seamstresses experienced in creating medical uniforms.

Given how demanding and responsible the work of medical professionals is, the current prevailing trend is to give them maximum freedom for the duration of their duties.

MED&BEAUTY is medical clothing that is both beautiful, comfortable and functional. We create them from the highest quality fabrics that fit the body. As a result, our medical clothing does not restrain movement.

In addition, the medical pants we offer have high waists and elastic waistbands, so they easily fit any figure! Our medical jogger pants also have drawstrings at the bottom of the legs, allowing you to adjust their length.

Convenience and comfort of our customers has been our priority from the very beginning of the brand, and this is the core value that will always guide MED&BEAUTY medical apparel.

SCRUBS women's medical blouse in navy blue. premium medical uniforms

Fashionable and practical medical clothing

If you work in the beauty industry, you are certainly aware that your outfit should be practical. Solutions that make it as easy as possible to do your chores are always on trend and never go out of style!

The key issue in this case is the right number of pockets, but that’s not all! In addition to quantity, what matters is their precise placement so that they can be easily used. Pockets in medical clothing should also be the right size. At MED&BEAUTY, we know that sometimes they have to accommodate a lot, and we take this into account when designing our medical uniforms.

A typical scrubs blouse available in our store has two pockets. In addition, there are as many as 6 in the pants – joggers that you can match with it: two front pockets, two back pockets and as many cargo pockets! In contrast, our second, simpler pant model has 4 pockets: two each on the front and back.

We know that medical clothing from MED&BEAUTY not only looks good, but also meets your expectations.

Did you know that we are in constant contact with our customers and keep up to date with their feedback, which is very important to us and allows us to constantly improve our products? This makes them even more adaptable to the changing demands of the beauty industry!

Medical apron with collar in Dirty Pink. Medical uniforms, women's medical clothing from MED&BEAUTY

Modern materials

Fashionable medical clothing is also innovative in terms of materials. Until recently, medical garments for health care workers were produced solely from cotton. Yes, it is a very graceful material: natural, lightweight, soft and airy, but its big disadvantage is that it absorbs moisture strongly, creases easily and is generally quite difficult to care for.

Nowadays, we have many more materials to choose from to create medical uniforms that can better cope with the difficult conditions and problems our customers face.

Technological advances have made it possible for us to use blends of different materials such as polyester, viscose and lycra in the right proportions to produce fabrics for the best effect. Modern materials used for medical clothing are breathable, lightweight, resistant to stains and dirt, and much easier to iron.

Medical envelope tunic in light beige color. Women's medical clothing from MED&BEAUTY

Personalization of medical clothing

In our medical clothing store you have the opportunity to personalize medical uniforms. This is a good way to emphasize your professionalism. If you run your own clinic, a personalized medical uniform will make each employee feel like part of a team, which will also be better perceived by those who use your services.

An embroidered logo or name with a surname inspires confidence among patients. As a result, they know they are in the hands of high-end specialists. This reduces the distance and creates a much better first impression, and this is often crucial to patients’ decision to continue working together.

At MED&BEAUTY, of course, we have the option of personalizing our medical garments, which we make on special request of our customers. Just send us the logo or text you want to put on the medical uniform and we will embroider it for you!

It’s worth remembering that a big practical advantage of personalizing medical clothing is also that it makes it easier to find in case it gets misplaced somewhere.

Medical clinging pants in gray color from PREMIUM collection. Colorful medical clothing, medical uniforms

MED&BEAUTY – with you in mind

We at MED&BEAUTY are happy to create medical outfits that are not only professional but also fashionable. Take a look at our offer and choose the medical clothing that best meets your needs.

If you have any questions or comments, you can confidently contact us through the contact form available on our website. We are at your service and will be happy to help you choose the best medical clothing for your needs!



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