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Which medical scrubs to choose?


Which medical scrubs to choose?

Comfort and aesthetic fashionable appearance
medical scrubs
make them popular among many specialties. Most often, you’ll find medical uniforms among the majority of staff in hospital wards and clinics, who use them as a protective outer layer that secures clothing while caring for patients. But scrubs invariably have their uses in the beauty industry as well! Regardless of your profession,
medical scrubs
are a guarantee of body protection in the workplace, convenience and functionality in themselves.

Selecting medical clothing can cause a lot of problems, so MED&BEAUTY presents a brief guide to the world of
of women’s medical apparel
. If you are wondering which
medical scrubs
to choose, you are in the right place online store!

When choosing your dream
medical uniform
, you should first and foremost pay attention to the comfort and freedom of movement that your chosen medical clothing can provide. Moreover, it is worth considering functionality, type of material, price, durability and forms of care. Our guide is a great chance to familiarize yourself with the topic – with us you will avoid wrong purchasing decisions in the future!

SCRUBS women's medical blouse in Magic Violet color. Collection Basic medical clothing medandbeauty

Comfortable medical clothing

Medical scrubs
, which features a slightly clinging cut, should fit the body well without restricting movement during the day. For consistent comfort, bet on
women’s medical clothing
, whose stretchy, soft material will freely adjust to your figure.

Med&Beauty’s women’s medical apparel is designed using stretchy, lightweight fabrics that adjust perfectly to each client’s figure. With us, you will maintain a comfortable lifestyle – whether at home or at work! Our medical scrubs guarantee adequate comfort, allow you to move comfortably, allow you to bend down and lift your arms up without exposing your body. We rely on slightly waisted medical uniforms in a well-fitting size, which will protect against abrasions and flare-ups. The sleeves, reaching almost to your elbows, will protect your arms and ensure comfort.

Medical joggers
must be characterized by high quality workmanship and comfortable fit – they must be neither too tight nor too loose. They should mold perfectly to the ankle, guaranteeing freedom of movement. A slightly elevated top is recommended, which will ensure that your medical pants stay in place when crouching or bending down. While the elastic waistband will allow you to fit them perfectly to your figure!

At MED&BEAUTY, we rely on functional medical jogger pants to perfectly complement your medical uniform. All types of MED&BEAUTY medical jogger pants have a choice of lengths – so any woman, even very tall ones, will find the perfect size pants for her. We offer sizes from XXS to 4XL for most of our products.

Functional medical scrubs

Medical garments should be ergonomic and allow their wearer to store their most important items inside the uniform. What will help solve this problem?

The key is to have good placement and number of pockets in your medical uniform: the number of pockets and their placement will determine the convenience of storing your cell phone, writing materials or medical tools that may be necessary for your work.

Most Polish clothing brands for the medical industry trade in blouses with one or joggers with two pockets. We know how important pockets are in the medical and cosmetic industry, so we fully focus on the functionality of uniforms! Our medical joggers have 6 pockets each – two front pockets, two back pockets, and two cargo-type side pockets. STRAIGHT medical pants and medical blouses are presented in two-pocket versions, and our scrubs medical blouse models are available in 3-pocket versions. A practical solution is the number one choice of our customers!

Women's medical blouse scrubs in Black from BASIC collection

How to find the perfect fabric for a medical uniform?

The fabric of a medical garment directly affects the stretch, weight, structure and durability of the garment. All this indirectly determines the comfort, durability and convenience of the care of your medical uniform.

Today’s new technologies put synthetic fabrics such as polyester, nylon, lycra and viscose on a par with natural fabrics. Synthetic materials are considered easier to care for and more crease-resistant than their natural counterparts. In addition, synthetics retain their color for a long time, regardless of changes in environmental factors. On the other hand, natural fabrics such as cotton are extremely soft and comfortable to use.

For the sake of the condition and comfort of your medical clothing, MED&BEAUTY relies on a specially selected blend of fibers: we use polyester as the main component of the BASIC collection and cotton as the number one material in the PREMIUM collection. This combination makes the materials of our medical uniforms not only opaque and durable, but also provides the highest degree of comfort! Our fabrics are extremely resistant to mechanical damage and do not crease – they will serve you for many years without worry!

Modern medical garments from MED&BEAUTY, which combine viscose with polyester, are fantastically moisture-wicking – so they maximize comfort and don’t interfere with your daily work! People who work physically, especially physiotherapists, may naturally be more inclined to buy airy materials that will keep them comfortable at work. The lightweight fabric naturally keeps you cool and eliminates moisture for added comfort. On the other hand, those who work in a “sedentary” position, as a rule, are looking for medical clothing that will ensure that they do not freeze while working. Remember to adjust your medical clothing to the temperature of the environment you are working in – go for fabric that breathes!

Also note other distinctive features of medical clothing materials. Many fabrics are resistant to dirt or creases. These special properties of medical scrubs are usually determined by the brand or supplier. Nevertheless, whether you need such designed uniforms depends on the scope of your work – they are often useful, but not necessarily essential.

Women's medical straight pants SCRUBS in Blue from BASIC collection

How much to pay for medical scrubs?

The price of medical uniforms usually ranges from PLN 100 to 300 per piece. Although getting an excellent price/quality ratio is no piece of cake, MED&BEAUTY comes to the rescue when making purchasing decisions. We consider the purchase of medical scrubs as an important investment in the possibility of long-term use of high-quality clothing with a huge range of possibilities – make your daily work easier!

MED&BEAUTY values quality: we focus on long-lasting, durable medical apparel that will keep your scrubs in excellent condition for a long time – as if they were bought just yesterday!

What’s more, by investing in fashionable, high-quality medical apparel, you have the opportunity to build your brand image. Consistent medical uniforms that showcase your business will keep customers coming back and asking you for more! With our medical scrubs you will take care of the promotion and recognition of your brand.

Medical scrubs blouse in English Pink from BASIC MED&BEAUTY collection

The color of the medical uniform is not a coincidence!

Very often it is the aesthetic qualities of medical clothing that are responsible for how comfortable and convenient you feel in the uniform you wear. A great-looking medical uniform means one more smile on the face of your staff – that’s definitely something your customers won’t miss!

MED&BEAUTY offers various colors of medical scrubs – from classic black and white to all the colors of the rainbow. Remember that colorful medical apparel will make your staff more friendly to more than a few customers! You can further minimize the distance between medical staff and patients by betting on warm colors.

Care and durability of women’s medical clothing

Opt for medical scrubs that are, above all, easy to care for. Medical garments should be sewn from the best quality materials that are not intimidated by repeated washing.

Therefore, MED&BEAUTY medical clothing relies on high quality materials that will allow you to wash scrubs many times, keep the beautiful material and color, while removing microorganisms!

Washed at 40°C, MED&BEAUTY uniforms adapt to the stock of disinfectants on the market, helping you care for your clothes. Disinfectants are available on the market in the form of liquid detergents and washing powders – all of which should remove bacteria from your uniform in as little as 40°C.

What’s more, if you care about an eco-friendly lifestyle, you can wash the scrubs from MED&BEAUTY in powders that are not only great at low temperatures, but are also hypoallergenic. Many manufacturers additionally offer products that have not been tested on animals and are environmentally friendly.

By the way, pay special attention to the strength of the seams in medical clothing. The well-made and durable stitches that MED&BEAUTY boasts can help you identify a pair of well-made medical uniforms. Seams that are difficult to loosen tend to withstand daily wear and tear.

For the most demanding customers, we recommend the PREMIUM collection of medical clothing, where anyone who cares about a high level of comfort, ease of use and functionality of clothing will find something for themselves!

When choosing your dream medical scrubs, consider whether they are easy to use, professionally made, comfortable, and well-fitted, while maintaining value for money! MED&BEAUTY is a guarantee of a professional medical uniform.



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