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Medical clothing with stretch from MED&BEAUTY – ensure your comfort and convenience

Medical clothing with stretch from MED&BEAUTY – ensure your comfort and convenience

Medical stretch garments are increasingly popular among customers and women working in the medical and beauty industry. What is so special about stretch medical clothing that it has captured the hearts of female doctors, beauticians, cosmetologists and students?

Flexible medical uniforms are a modern solution that provides comfort and convenience during work. The best makers of medical stretch garments also focus on great quality and perfectly fitted cuts, hence the great success of this type of clothing among its wearers.

Read on to find out the benefits of medical stretch clothing from MED&BEAUTY.

Medical blouse ocean blue SCRUBS by MED&BEAUTY

Medical clothing with stretch – what is it?

If you’re looking for the best medical uniform for yourself and comparing different offers and types of clothing, you’ve probably come across stretch medical clothing. Perhaps you’re wondering what stretch fabric actually is and why its use in clothing is so important to doctors?

Stretch refers to a stretch fabric that is made from elastic, synthetic fibers. This material is made from ingredients that are not found in nature. Strech was introduced to the textile industry in the second half of the 20th century. Nowadays, flexible materials are widely used in the production of sportswear, casual and outerwear, and underwear. Stretch is also excellent for medical clothing.

In Med&Beauty we carefully select the offered materials, so that the final effect fully meets the needs of the users of our medical uniforms. The elastic fibers we use are lycra and elastane – types of stretch.

medical stretch clothing from the Basic collection
are sewn from high-quality blends of polyester, viscose and lycra. W
Premium collection
we use cotton with added nylon and lycra.

Experienced designers work on the production of our medical clothing. They are specialists who take into account various aspects of the functionality of the outfit. The entire process begins with determining the composition of the material. When synthetic fibers are added to a fabric, we affect its properties. Even a small admixture of stretch makes a lot of difference and can be felt when using the garment, including medical.

Medical stretch clothing includes a variety of cuts and styles – both comfortable medical scrubs and elegant medical dresses or professional jackets for doctors and cosmetologists. Medical stretch clothing also includes aprons, tunics and medical uniforms.

Choose a uniform cut that fits your workstation. Also keep your style in mind and go by what you like best. If you have your own medical practice or beauty salon, choose an outfit to match your brand vision and it will become part of your branding. Regardless of what you choose, when you choose medical stretch clothing, you can be sure – you are opting for convenience and comfort!

Why are stretch medical uniforms a good choice?

People working in the medical and cosmetic professions usually spend long hours in offices or on call. The essence of these professions is to help other people. At Med&Beauty, we believe that it is also worth remembering female beauty industry employees and continuously supporting them. When you make your work comfortable and convenient, you will be able to fully focus on working with patients or clients of your beauty salon.

What role does women’s medical stretch clothing play in ensuring comfort at work?

The stretch stretches and effortlessly returns to its original form and shape, and provides freedom and a large range of movement. During your work, are there times when you have to reach high for utensils or medications or bend over a patient? You need a guarantee that the protective medical clothing you are wearing will support your every move. The work of medical professionals is often dynamic and requires quick reactions. Women’s medical clothing should be reliable to flexibly follow your body in any situation.

Stretch clothes work with you throughout the day. They stretch when you need them and then effortlessly return to their previous state and shape. The last thing we need at work is for our clothes to be torn, ripped or torn. Choose medical outfits with stretch and you will effectively protect yourself from this.

Women's medical blouse SCRUBS in subtle sage MED&BEAUTY color

Medical stretch clothing is lightweight

Even a small admixture of a few percent of synthetic fibers in the material reduces the weight of the garment. This is very important for the comfort of users. Although we usually do not realize it, we constantly feel the weight of the clothes we wear. Lightweight clothing makes us not think about it – it’s like a second skin.

Heavy cotton medical gowns are a thing of the past. Modern medical outfits are lightweight and comfortable so that you can enjoy your work every day and fully engage in it. At Med&Beauty, we attach great importance to making our fashionable stretch medical apparel suitably lightweight. We believe that clothing for work should support its wearers and improve their mood.

Medical envelope tunic in dirty pink color from premium collection. Med&beauty medical clothing

Medical stretch garments are durable and practical

If we invest in good medical clothing then we want it to serve us for many months or even years. The addition of synthetic fibers makes the colorful medical stretch garments very durable. It can be washed repeatedly, which is especially important for those working in the cosmetic and medical fields. During activities that involve contact with human tissues and chemicals, we need protection and clothing that is not afraid of any dirt.

Medical garments with stretch fabric do not require as much prolonged ironing as those composed of cotton or viscose alone. Clothes with elastic fibers do not wrinkle, are resistant to creases, and remain smooth and aesthetically pleasing. Less need for ironing is a definite advantage for the dynamic lifestyles of medical women. Female students will also appreciate this time saving.

The addition of synthetic fibers makes a stretch garment dry faster than one using only natural materials. This is an advantage both because of the frequent need to wash and dry medical garments and during hot days at work, when we need sweat to evaporate quickly.

Medical stretch uniforms are the next generation of clothing. By choosing them you will ensure a unique, modern look. The materials we use make the clothes pleasant to the touch. We use stretch fabrics and our cuts are carefully crafted. As a result, even clinging pants and fitted dresses provide maximum comfort.

Medical envelope dress with short sleeves from PREMIUM collection

What kind of medical stretch garment to choose?

At Med&Beauty, we offer high-quality medical stretch uniforms so you can enjoy comfortable clothes with your favorite cut every day.

If freedom of movement is most important to you and you need practical solutions – choose medical scrubs with stretch. You can choose sets in one color or freely combine blouses and pants, composing your own sets. We bet on the most fashionable shades and provide you with hot novelties. Check out our social media profiles to stay up to date on launches and promotions!

Why are medical stretch pants an excellent choice? At work, you walk a lot, stand for long periods of time and sometimes you need to run somewhere faster. You’re on your feet all day, so it’s a good idea to keep them comfortable and free to move. Our medical stretch pants have an elastic waistband. This solution ensures comfortable wearing in any situation, all day long.

Reach for premium stretch medical outfits if you want to look stylish and professional. Our premium line is medical clothing in beautiful, fashionable shades. Say goodbye to the stereotype of the white, gloomy apron together with us. Make yourself comfortable in the world of stylish medical apparel. Modern uniforms are not only practical and durable, but also help build a positive image and trust among patients.

If you choose the cut of medical stretch garment that best suits you, you will also take care of your well-being. Beautiful and comfortable clothes make us start our work with more joy and enthusiasm.

So what to opt for?

You can choose classic aprons and medical uniforms in a modern, stylish design. Well-tailored tunics and pants are also waiting for you in our online medical clothing store. If you love elegance or want to emphasize the professionalism of your position, choose a medical jacket with stretch. Although it is the most formal of outfits, it – thanks to the use of flexible materials – provides maximum comfort and convenience.

If you find that a dress suits your profession and style best, there is nothing to prevent you from choosing for yourself the cut of medical stretch clothing. The stretch dress will follow your movements and ensure freedom of movement in any situation.

We warmly welcome you to shop at our medical clothing store! If you have any questions or concerns, go ahead
with our team – we will be happy to help you!



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